10 Amazing Ways Through Which Businesses Are Contributing To The Covid-19 Fight

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Covid 19 fight

On the morning of March 15, 2020, all seemed to be going well. I woke up early in the morning and had my daily routine, just like any other day. Little did I know that this day would have been the last regular day before the beginning of the dreadful lockdown, stimulated by the Coronavirus pandemic. One sure thing is that this pandemic took us all by surprise, both individuals and organizations.

Almost all businesses have been confronted with something unprecedented. Many companies have had to closed down and layoff thousands of workers. Nevertheless, in the mix of this novel pandemic, many businesses have had to come up with ways to support their local communities in the Covid-19 fight. Some of these gestures or means are more innovative than others.
In this article, we will discuss ten (10) of these surprising ways through which businesses contribute to the Covid-19 fight around the world.

Amazon is adding 100,000 people to their staffs and giving raises to all existing employees

The e-commerce giant is probably the biggest company in the world, benefiting from this current situation. As physical shops are closing and we are unable to move, as usual, the e-commerce platform is now at scale. Jeff Bezos understood this early and increased both staff and salaries. Indeed a blessing in disgust.

Starbucks is investing in its partners’ mental health

The branded-coffee giant has extended its mental health benefits. By partnering with Lyra Health, Starbucks offers its partners personalized, confidential mental health care during these unprecedented times.

Delta’s CEO renouncing to its yearly salary to save more jobs

The airline industry is taking a huge hit. This has pushed most governments around the world to provide financial support to airlines operating in their countries. Delta air CEO understands that if help comes from outside, sacrifices are also needed from the inside. This gesture of Delta CEO will help minimize layoffs.

ABSA the South-African group contributes $1M

The funds provided by the South-Africa-based company will help extend access to testing and hygiene materials in marginalized communities. ABSA’s contribution will also support public health and reporting awareness campaigns in partnership with the government and GovChat.

Jamm, an audio-visual communication tool used by remote and distributed teams, is offering it free of charge.

Since physical meetings now have to be limited due to the pandemic, remote communication methods are needed. Offering such a requested service now for free is high laudable.

LVMH, the world leader in high-quality products is producing hand-sanitizers for free

France has been one of the most affected companies during the pandemic. The high-class fashion giant helps solve one of the most present issues with COVID-19, which is the consistent sanitization of hands using alcohol-based hand sanitizer. LVMH has now turned many of the facilities that were previously used for the production of perfumes into hand-sanitizers production units to support the French community.

Jumia, the pan-African e-commerce giant, has donated face masks to Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uganda, and Morocco.

The e-commerce giant has been very occupied during this pandemic. Providing face masks in most countries where they operate will surely help these African nations cope with the immense demand for nose masks.

LinkedIn is offering some of its learning courses for free

The social media platform, which is very popular with professionals, is also a course provider in many work and business fields. LinkedIn is providing 16 free courses on how to improve productivity while staying at home.

Ghana’s Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) has donated $181,000

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ghanaian government has created a fund where people can offer financial donations to support the fight against Covid-19. ADB’s contribution is proof that banks can help local communities in many ways.

Dolce & Gabanna is contributing to the COVID-19 research

The biggest question flying in everyone’s mind is whether the scientific community around the world will be able to find a vaccine soon against Covid-19. Dolce & Gabanna is, therefore, partnering with Humanitas University to quicken this vaccine development process.

So these are a few innovative ways through which businesses around the globe are doing the Covid-19.

Let us know in the comment section which one of these you find more compelling.

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