10 Things You Should Know About Technology

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The 21st-century evolution has taken off speedily, which technology is a pivotal contributor to the World’s growth today. Therefore it has become a necessity to be knowledgeable about the technology that exists in our world today. This writing seeks to birth much enlightenment on ten key facts you should know about technology.

1. It is evolving faster.

For a century, it has galloped to its higher use. About 80 years ago, the use of typewriters was fashion. Through technology, there was the invention of computers and, in recent years, the creation of laptops. It is obvious how fast technology is evolving and therefore the need to increase our pace to catch up with the new era.

2. It is not cutting off human creativity.

False preachings by individuals have always been ” technology is dwindling the level of human creativity. ” These preachings are wrong and have no basis. It is rather enhancing human creativity. Technology through the internet provides prototypes of what is already available so that individuals can learn from and create theirs.

3. The future of technology is worth welcoming.

It has come to make lives easier, cutting across all sectors of human lives. This provides enough reason to embrace the high level of technology that is about hitting the surface of the earth in a not too distant future. Also, the world will experience a level of technology where there will be robots, self-driving cars, and medical advancement with nanobots. The future of technology is indeed a life-changing one.

4. It is inevitable.

In this 21st century, technology is something individuals cannot do without. Can one imagine life in the 21st century without a car or mobile phone?. Obviously not. The extent to which it has made lives easier presupposes its inevitability.

5. It has the tendency to become addictive.

In recent years, many individuals have become addicted to technology. Teenagers these days are always on video games and the internet, specifically social media. Four hundred twenty million people in the world are proven not to stay without the internet.

6. It is the application of science.

The question has always been, ” Is technology a Science?”. There is no precise concrete answer to whether it is a science or not, though people use these two terms interchangeably. Also, science is known to pursue knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world. Contrary to technology that is centered on the manufacturing of goods to make life easier. By this, we can extrapolate that it is the application of science.

7. Technology is becoming expensive.

It is becoming more expensive these days. Some of the factors that account for technology’s expansiveness are the substantial amount of money needed to carry out researches on new products and their respective developments, the pressure to impress friends or relatives with technological gadgets, and thereby allows companies to price their technological devices high.

8. It aims at solving problems.

Most often, people have a wrong perception that technology has come to take away people’s jobs. It has always aimed at eradicating any problem that may exist in society and not necessarily taking away people’s means of survival. Admittedly, only 0.05% of people lose their jobs due to the structural unemployment that a new invention may potentially cause. An example is where computers were in the early 21st century. Individuals who had no knowledge of computers but somewhat familiar with the use of typewriters lost their jobs. This does not provide enough reason to address technology as a ” job snatcher. ” Technology only seeks to make life easier by solving existing challenges and not necessarily taking away people’s jobs.

9. Social technologies have become detrimental to people’s social lives.

Social technologies like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are gradually being made substitutes for good friendship. In recent years, friends may be having a conversation, but each will have his or her head on the phone. Also, social technologies are gradually taking the attention we need to give to friends, relatives, and loved ones.

10. Technology cuts across all sectors.

Within the three sectors of the economy, namely the primary, secondary, and tertiary ( service) sectors, technology finds its way there. In the primary sector, inventions like outboard motors help in fishing, bulldozers, drills, and trucks also help in the mining industry. In the secondary sector, innovations like liquid crystal devices, lasers, and other optical instruments are available. Also, in the tertiary industry, computers are accessible. Moreover, it has moved to all the industries and is changing the old ways of doing things. Indeed, technology is the reason why there is a boost in all the sectors of the economy in recent years.

We have been impregnated with so many misconceptions about it. The facts above should be familiar with the area of technology, seek to allow us to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

  1. Scientist Paajoe says

    Your point Seven is Debatable.

    Technology is rather integrating into the Society faster and more affordable rate.

  2. koosammy says

    Wow, all your points are fact but I’m much interested in the fifth point.
    We’re waiting for more knowledge, thank you also

  3. koosammy says

    All your explanations are on point, thanks for the enlightenment

  4. Patrick Abban Sarpong says

    That’s so insightful; you got the facts right. Keep it up. Thanks.

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