9 Surprising Things You Are Doing To Damage Your Skin

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Everyone wants healthy skin. And much more now when everyone wants a glow up. We know what to do to keep healthy skin but what about the things we aren’t aware of. Surprisingly, there are things we do that cause damage to our skin besides some of the ones we already know like too much exposure to the sun, not taking enough water, intake of too much alcohol or sugar, and others.


You’ve probably heard this statement ‘the best makeup you could wear is a smile’. An old statement with no truer words spoken. The constant movement of your face to change expressions can cause permanent wrinkles and lines on your face.

Hair products on your face

The chemicals used to make hair products are not intended for the skin. Hair products can get on your face in a lot of ways but make sure to wash it off your face and clean it with a neat material.

Having conversations on your phone

Yes, you heard me right. Talking on your phone can cause breakouts and rashes on your face especially on the areas the phone is placed, your cheeks and jawline, Why? Your hands have been in a lot of places touching a lot of handles so you can imagine what’s next. All that bacteria gets on your phone when you pick it up for use. You could use antibacterial wipes to clean your phone or an earpiece instead.

Skipping your meals

Yes. Skipping meals can cause your skin to age faster and your metabolism to slow down. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables and try to avoid fast food or better still, limit it.

Not enough sleep

This will give you dull skin and wrinkles. Your body has worked hard for long hours and the only reward it gets is sleep. So give your body the recommended 7 – 9 hours of sleep so you can feel healthy and refreshed.


Everyone gets stressed from sometimes but chronic stress can leave wrinkles and acne on your skin. Your skin can also become dry and always has the ‘tired look’. Bags under your eyes and rashes are also some of the ways it manifests. Try relaxing or do something you like to do. Talking to others and scheduling your activities is also a good way to manage it.

Long hot showers

Long hot showers cause dryness and symptoms such as redness, itching, and flaking are a sign that you should stop.


Too much exfoliating causes damage to your skin. Because all that pressing and scrubbing removes the essential oils needed to maintain a natural glow.

Touching your face

Touching your face and also rubbing your eyes is a no-no. I know it’s hard but you’ll have to stop. Your fingers constantly introduce dirt and bacteria to your face and this is one sure cause of acne. And rubbing the eyes( if you’ve not heard this before) causes wrinkles.

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