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How many hours do you spend on the internet, on social media, and watching movies? How many times do you want to be productive yet you’re not aware of the material you need for that purpose.
You do know that the internet has a vast array of things we could use for our benefit.
The problem with this is that so much information could be overwhelming when you have so many good things to choose from. Sometimes, you could get lost in this big sea of information, both good and bad and this is also true for apps as well.
There are so many apps that it’s difficult to identify some of the best. I made it a point to check out some of the best apps you could use to take advantage of your interests.

Educational Apps

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge base with a few courses here and there or to pursue your education, then this is for you.
The edX app is known to have courses from reputable universities such as MIT, Havard, Columbia, etc. Nothing disqualifies you from accessing this platform and you can learn anything ranging from different categories of courses like agriculture, computer science, communications, and business courses are just a handful. Also, they give certificates that are acquired via payment. The courses are free and do not require payment before taking a class. They are also available for learning at your own pace.
Khan Academy
This is one of the best free educational apps for students with videos available for many courses. Instructors have a way of simplifying material for students to understand. High school students will find this app very helpful. Also, courses for standardized tests like SAT and MCAT are available.
Udemy is another great and popular app for learning just about anything from drawing classes to web development to personal development. You get to learn these lessons at your own pace and clarify any questions you have with other students and instructors alike.

Cooking Apps

If you’re thinking of expanding your culinary skills then this is for you. An opportunity to expand your tastes with yummy delicacies all over the world. You’ll have to check out these apps:

Tasty app: This app has how-to videos, very clear instructions, and step-by-step videos on the meal. This app also is free, has many options for cooking timing, and also options for vegetarians as well.
Kitchen Stories also has great recipes to try, clear instructions, and photos for every step. Also, this app has features that enable you to upload your photos of the dishes you’ve made.
Epicurious App: This app for instance gives recipes, very clear instructions about the dish being made but not step-by-step instruction videos. You can find recipes for almost any dish in the world.

Planning/Organising Apps

If you’re taking a trip, working for a company, are a student, you own a business, or whatever you do, chances are you need to plan your activities. What better way than an app to help you achieve this as you cross off your list as your day ends.

Trello is a planning app, unlike most apps. It allows users to create boards and cards where they make their tasks or checklists, unlike the regular notebook lists kind. This is great for visual learners. Also, collaborative tools and sharing of your boards with other users is available. Despite these, it can be used offline but without the online features.

This app has a lot of users and so many can testify to its usefulness. You can access this app from any device you have and you can use it for project management, collaborations, and taking notes and media. Another thing that makes it great is that you can store your personal and business information in the same app.

Books App

For the book lover or not, trying these apps won’t be so bad.

Sometimes knowing what to start reading can be a huge challenge especially since there are so many books out there. With Goodreads though you have access to people’s opinions as well as yours of course, as to what books to read. There are reviews and ratings of books and you can give.

Oodles ebook reader
This app boasts of over 50 000+ reads and also has several language picks. Here you can discover books that you may like.

Having a customizable interface is a great blessing for this app. Also, books can be downloaded and or read in a format like ePub and pdf. It’s a free app but payment for the Premium version also enables you to add audiobooks.

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