Cashless Payment Is The Best In This COVID-19 Era

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Cashless Payment? Ghanaians have quickly forgotten the havoc COVID-19 has caused in their lives and the country as a whole. We were home-prisoned, quarantined, and lived in constant fear of being infected. Businesses, schools, and even churches were shut down resulting in the restriction of movements. Most businesses have still not recovered from the severe impact the pandemic hit them with.

We are still prone to contracting the coronavirus at the slightest point of neglect so it is imperative that we adhere to all safety measures. We should continue to wear the mask, wash our hands regularly, and use the sanitizers as often as possible. This is most important because we are always dealing with the most central thing in our lives which is money.

What is a cashless payment?

Cashless payments are payments made without the need for physical money. All transactions are made electronically by transferring money via bank transfer or card payment or mobile money. This could be in the form of a debit card, banking apps, or mobile money.

This mode of payment is best because it eases one’s life and also helps authenticate and formalize the transactions that are done. It also helps curb theft and misplacement of money.


This is a payment card issued by financial institutions that enables you to withdraw money from the ATM( Automated Teller Machine). This is a safe and convenient way of shopping for groceries at the mall or supermarket or paying for lunch at the restaurant or paying for delivery.

You can walk in town without carrying loads of cash. This practice keeps you from harm or theft or misplacing your money. The debit card is designed such that the code is known only to the owner thus cannot be used by anybody  should it be picked.


A lot of financial institutions have employed this method of transaction. Banks like Fidelity, Ecobank, UMB, etc have all developed mobile apps to serve their customers better. This allows individuals to enjoy banking transactions from the comfort of their homes. Money can be transferred irrespective of the geographical distance.

It allows easy payment for goods and services without any mistake. It is easy to understand and easy to follow thus every person can use it. Some banks like UMB charge 0 tariffs on every transaction not exceeding 50gh Even with higher amounts,  a lesser amount is charged as a tariff. This is a win for both parties.


Mobile money has become the trend of the day. Network companies such as MTN, Tigo, Airtel, and Vodafone have added the mobile money feature to serve customers best. It is a convenient form of cashless payment used all over the country. From transferring money to withdrawing money to buying airtime, mobile money is the best.

This is also a very lucrative business for most individuals running from early morning until late. Shop attendants and market women have deployed this mode of payment because it is easy and stress-free. Another look at it from the health side shows that it is hygienic friendly as physical money carries a lot of germs.

COVID-19 is still in the system and a country without its citizens is no country at all. We should encourage cashless payment and adhere to all hygienic measures.

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