How To Successfully Budget A Trip Abroad

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Everyone loves to travel, take a trip abroad, family vacation, honeymoon, or just to take a break. Some also want to travel but are thinking about the cost. Actually, you don’t need to have two big bags full of money before you can travel, if you plan right, you’ll have the best trip or travel experience.

A budget in simple terms is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. Creating this plan helps you determine and know if you have enough for your trip and help you plan your trip well.

A lot is needed when making a travel budget and a lot is to be considered. Most especially your general income, what you’ve set apart for the whole trip. Choose a general amount you intend to spend, then, you start developing your budget.

Things to Consider Before Your Trip

Before a destination is chosen officially, name a couple of places you’d love to visit, then start making researches about those places. Start making enquiries, guess your prices.

You must consider your pre-departure expenses which include the airfare and flight extras, transportation to the airport, passports, and visas, and all the costs that will be incurred in making those documents. Check travel websites such as Budget Your Trip, Mobissimo, Lonely Planet, Nomadic Matt, and many more to know the flight prices from your local destination to your proposed destination. You must also consider your accommodation, very important. I’m not sure you’ll want to sleep on the streets after a tiresome journey. First, know how many days or weeks you intend on spending, places you’ll visit, and how many days you’ll need to meet your tour checklist.


You can search for fancy hotels before the trip, but if you are someone who wants to cut off expenses then lodging in a short-term apartment or looking for less costive places will do. Especially when you’re traveling with the family, short term apartments or home rentals are the best. It will minimise the cost. These are less expensive than lodging in a hotel in international cities.

Also, consider your transportation throughout your trip abroad, the food you’ll take in, when you’re leaving, during your stay and departure, you can’t have an exciting vacation, and even tours around the city on an empty stomach. Moving to a new environment could sometimes affect you, and even your health. That’s why you need to carry your first aids along and some allergy drugs. Allocate amounts to spend on all these stuff mentioned, make sure you calculate as you go. There are certain things you might want to get on your trip, things you might see and like, let’s tag them as miscellaneous. Donate an amount for that.


Please don’t forget about your travel insurance, you need to have one. It’s an essential ingredient needed to make your dream come true. Someone might ask, what’s travel insurance? Well, travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers unforeseen losses during your travel whether internationally or domestically. It is useful for those travelling domestically or abroad.

After writing all these down and allocating amounts that you will spend on them, add all and check if it’s within the overall amount set apart. If it’s more, cut down certain expenses and go over. Also, make sure you start within tour currency if it’s not so urgent. I will suggest that you visit countries or cities where the currency is similar to the currency in where you reside or it’s not as expensive when changing from your currency to that currency. Choose a currency that will help you.

It’s all about planning well, making a good budget, packing your bags, and enjoying yourself. Let’s not just be travellers but budget travellers. Don’t forget, it’s about fun and relaxation, take a trip, learn more.

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