How To Choose The Right Candidate To Vote For.

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Every society needs a leader to direct and stir its affairs towards the attainment of their goals. The selection of a leader to run and direct the affairs of an organization is very important to its success and development and hence the need to select a more capable candidate to do so. Elections are periodically carried out to elect presidents for a country. During this period interested person file their nominations to lead their various parties in the election, Ghana, therefore, recorded a number of seventeen presidential candidates who have filed their nominations to contest this year’s election. This provides electorates a wide number of candidates to select and vote from. It can be crucial to select the candidate that deserves your vote but this article is going to highlight some points that would help select the right candidate to vote for.

Critically Examine The Candidates Leadership Qualities

Each candidate’s leadership qualities such as tolerance, innovativeness, initiator, and many others must be taken into consideration since it can go a long way to negatively or positively affect the delivery of their roles. These qualities can be identified through intensive research on the personalities of the various candidates or looking at previous positions they have held before.

Experience And Background Of The Candidate Must Be Of Great Concern.

Candidates’ track records and accomplishments must be looked at. As a voter, you must have first-hand information on the background of the candidates available by listening to political talk shows, and also doing your own research. One must find out if a candidate is honest, a people person has a high level of integrity, very accountable, and also practices fairness in all his endeavors. This gives a voter the basis in selecting a good candidate and not a candidate based on the view of the masses but a candidate who is capable of leading the nation to achieve its goals.

Clearly Understand The Issues Before Doing So.

One must identify the issues that they think would cause a positive change in their community, state, or country and relate them to the programs each candidate proposes to select the candidate whose agenda would help tackle similar issues. Candidates must be judged based on how realistic their manifestos are and not how attractive they look.

The Candidate Must Be Able To Represent The Country To The World.

This is to say that, a potential leader or candidate who deserves your vote must be able to stand for the nation no matter where he finds himself. Yes, I am a Ghanaian and I am proud to be one and must as well be willing to portray the countries culture to the rest of the world. He must also lift the countries image by being able to contribute intelligently to discussions at the international level.

The Ability To Resist Manipulation And Pressure From External Sources.

His no should be a no and yes should be yes and also not be easily pressured in taking decisions that are not in the interest of the nation for an unmerited advantage. The welfare of his people must be at heart than his image. He must be able to put his people first and make decisions that will be of benefit to them. It must not only be a manifesto talk but must be seen in his actions.

To conclude, I would say the selection of a candidate must be a matter of serious concern to the voters. The selection must be based on your own research or analysis of the candidate and not by popular stance ( making a decision based on what a public figure has said or candidate they have endorsed ). And one must as well select a candidate based on how realistic their promises are and not because they promise heaven on earth. The choice of a candidate to vote for can negatively or positively affect the nation depending on how we choose them. In all the concern of the country must be our major priority and therefore must choose our candidates based on careful analysis and not because everyone is doing so.

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