1. courage says

    great article but I have a question on the IDENTITY DOCUMENT,I per se don’t have my passport yet,,,what do I do about that .Is that the only option required of such input

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      You can use either a National ID or driving license

    2. Victor Mchall says

      No you can use any national identity such as Ghana card, voters or ecowas card numbers

  2. Esperance Klukpo says

    Is a great article but I don’t have a debit card or credit card .

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      You can let your friends transfer from their PayPal account to your or you can request one from your bank

  3. Prince Joshua Lomotey says

    Please what will u do if money sent to your PayPal account is on pending ?

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      Please did you confirm your account from your mail when you created it?

  4. Anonymous says

    Nice tutorials. This is just an added information or suggestion. Regarding the linking of cards, it’s highly advisable and recommended to use a UBA card or bank account.
    Why ?
    Because it’s recognized by PayPal and accepted through out Africa.

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      Thanks for your recommendation

  5. Nkrumah Shadrack says

    Can you link it directly to your bank account?

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      Yes please

      1. Gratitude says

        You mean, I can link my bank account eg. Repulblic bank for payments?.
        I heard it’s only American banks that can receive payments from PayPal account or?

  6. Samuel Bonnah says

    Very good app

  7. NanaK says

    Nice article. But which currency did you say we should chose. You said the one we will be dealing with. As in?

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      Your preferred choice
      The one you can convert easily to your currency without having any misunderstanding

      But Dollar is mostly used

  8. Allian Man says

    how do I link my account to a UBA account? can you show me the process involved in that.

    1. Kumi Kingsley says

      Kindly contact any of their customer care numbers

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