How To Hire The Right Person For Your Business In Africa.

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When it comes to African demography, culture plays a major role in everything we do. Business around the globe has different approaches when they want to hire the best fit and qualified candidates who have the requisite knowledge in caring out the job at hand. With limited opportunity via initial public offer and acquisition, some part of African businesses has indeed lost their way of soliciting the right candidate for a specified job which is going to be a greater asset to the business.

Let’s look at stock option, some young people understand that stock options rarely bring a big payday. That begins the cycle of frustration in African technology, development and the ability to hire the right person for the business.

To add up, putting a lot of time and efforts into the process of hiring the best person who deem it fit for a role in a particular business is a big relief for the growth of the business. Hiring the wrong person for an important role can be a huge waste of time, money, and other resources.

To that end, I reached out to few business owners to ask them the best way of hiring the right person for the right team and the business at a whole.

Have put together the best and easy ways to hire the right person for your business in Africa for your reading satisfaction.

Test for excellent and analytical skills


Testing for excellent and analytical skills of candidates is a greater factor most employers in Africa use to get the better from the best. Gone the days where there was nothing like technological advancement in African where most African businesses find it very difficult to know the best-fit person for the right job. (more manpower) now it has come o stay with us let enjoy it while it lasts.

In the 21st century most African businesses use different methods and software’s in checking the originality of the qualifications of each candidate and also how their analytical skills are been put in check.

Moreover, when a computer-based selection of the right candidate came to play, it has helped clear the problem of ‘whom you know’ giving all candidates equal leverage in competing for their right slot.

Almost all businesses in African society uses this method in hiring the right person or their businesses

Hire someone committed and passionate about the work


Businesses in African hire based on commitment and passion which plays an important role in every organization structure. It’s the way to realize the vision of the organization.

There is a saying that if you don’t love what you do, don’t bother doing it. Employers look out for passionate and committed people to join their team, not just anyone. It has come to bear the fact most employees leave their work because they not feeling what they are doing.

It’s clear if you love something you try to know much about it with no excuse. Tell us more about our company and why you choose to be part of our company is a most asked question every employer will like to know. The information you give out to the panel gives you a stand in the next progress.

Every candidate applying for a job should make that a point not to forget o read much about the company they want to be part of.

Be an expert


Among the best way to visualize a business goal is to work with an expert. As a business owner, to hire the right person for the business, the business should go all out to fish the best candidate with the technical know-how and the ability to figure out what and when to do something at the appropriate way and time frame.

Most African businesses hire people knowing they will be of great asset to their business and contribute positively to their portfolio. I must say business owners in most African societies solicit for expect people for their business and team.

Again, most African businesses are on a run because of corporate competition. With this ideology most companies’ human resource officers try their possible best to get the best candidate on the train before the development of the business.

The key to hiring the right person for businesses in African is in having assessment criteria for the role and then mapping candidates’ answers against it. This way, you will remain consistent in your approach mentioned above and you can compare the performance and competence of a wide range of interviewees.

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