Is Technology Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge in other to improve the livelihood of people and impact their lives positively. There exists a variety of technology. That is educational, business, information, medical, and communication technology. The impact of it in these sectors provides the conviction that it has done more good than harm. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Technology has come to make lives easier.

The impact of technology in this 21st century is very massive as compared to the 19th and 20th centuries. Centuries back, it was not an ineffective application and that made life very difficult to bear. There was no existence of cars or motorcycles for transportation, no televisions as a means of communication and entertainment, mowers for weeding, and many more. Individuals who lived in the centuries before the 21st century were deprived of ” a better life” because there were no many technological inventions. As we introduce new inventions, individuals are appreciating the contribution of technology to making their lives easier and better.

It has provided more avenues to share information.

The technological advancement that has brought about mobile phones and laptops which facilitate the use of social media, has created more roadways to circulating information. Others also access information through the television. Some individuals argue that technology has done more harm than good. But it is quite fascinating because after making that claim, these same individuals go on social media; which is a handiwork of technology, and share their views concerning peculiar issues there and sometimes say hi to friends. Have they wondered how they would have done that without technology? It is the reason for the fast movement of news and other vital information in the 21st century.

It has provided access to new experiences.

Technology has supplied numerous alternative ways of doing things. Even in this corona period, several organizations were able to thrive just because they resorted to a technology-intensive system in the running of their day to day activities. Meetings were organized virtually on platforms like zoom and free conference calls, buying and selling done virtually, and many other intriguing experiences. Without technology, life would have been a very difficult one. Especially during the lockdown season where the movement of people was restricted and people were looking for other avenues to get things done. It has provided extreme support to human life and must be appreciated accordingly.

Technology has provided the means of growing businesses.

Technological advancement has penetrated the business sector and has triggered a huge boost in the business sector. By technology, businesses can protect their data, have direct interaction with customers through social media, and an effective virtual system of advertisement. Businesses are taking advantage of the inventions such as the availability of social media to create awareness for their products or services. It would not be a surprise if the individuals who claim it has done more harm than good are also engaging in online marketing and banking.

It is evolving faster and its impact on human lives is undebatable. Some say has done more harm than good. But the fact is that their argument is baseless. This is because the issue has got nothing to do with technology.

Technology itself is not bad; it is the negative attitude of people towards it that had tainted the image of it. Therefore, we should embrace and appreciate the immense contribution to it.

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