Men’s Fashion: The Men’s Guide to Dressing Right For Their Body Shape.

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Body shape

Now, my dear men. Have you ever tried out the same kind of clothes as your fellow guy and thought that something was different. Either you looked good or he did. Well, all that’s because of the body you have. There’s so much information about female body shapes but now it’s the men’s turn to be informed. As much as every person is beautiful, the inappropriate sorts of clothes will totally kill your look( and I don’t mean that in a good way). It’s important to know how to dress for your body type. Dressing right and highlighting your best features will make you feel confident and look like a million dollars.

Body Types and Body Shapes


There are three basic body types for which everyone falls into one category.
Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs.
Ectomorphs are the naturally slim or skinny ones, mesomorphs can easily build their muscles and endomorphs just gain weight a lot, they have more fat tissue.
But besides these characteristics, your body shape is natural regardless of whether you gain weight and muscle or not.
To know which body shape you are, simply estimate the proportions between your chest, shoulders, and waist and follow the options below.

There are 5 body shapes for guys


Rectangle body

The shoulder, hips, and waist have approximately the same width. Men with this body shape are usually tall and thin.

Clothes for this body
You’ll want to wear clothes that give your shoulders a wide look. Clothes with horizontal stripes especially shirts give the shoulders a wide look. You can also play with patterns, pops of colour which is found across the shoulders which will give you a wider looking frame. Suit jackets, single-breasted jackets, and structured blazers also add size to your shoulders.

Clothes to avoid
Vertical striped clothes and really tight outfits will exaggerate your rectangular shape. Avoid double-breasted jackets as well as it causes the same issue above.

Triangle body

Men with this body shape are larger around their waist and hips.
The triangle body has narrow shoulders and a wider waist. This is more visible as they grow older.

Clothes to avoid
Try to avoid clothes that highlight the lower half of your body like slim-fit clothes.


Clothes for this body
Accentuate the upper part of your body by using dark colours and clothes with patterns on the shoulders or chest areas. Checked blazers, jackets with structured shoulders, and vertical stripes give the shoulders a wider look.

This body shape has broad shoulders a narrow midsection and a somewhat wide waist which gives you the shape of a trapezoid. It is the body type for which most clothes are tailored in shops.

Clothes for this body
The only secret for this body is to wear clothes that fit very well. If you’re of average height with this body type, then wear vertically striped shirts which creates the illusion of being taller. Slim fit trousers, clothes with patterns, and standard ties will look great on you.

Clothes to avoid
Loose clothes and saggy clothes as these do not showcase your good features.

Oval body

The oval body shape has broad limbs which are usually short. This body also has a broad torso and waist.

Clothes for this body
Solid coloured clothes, wide collar spread shirts a single-breasted jacket work well with this body.

Clothes to avoid
What you want to avoid are clothes that highlight the waist area. Tight clothes especially clothes that cling to the torso only emphasize your midsection.

Inverted triangle

This body shape is predominantly found with athletes. Your shoulders are the widest part of your body compared with the waist and hips.

Clothes for this body
Wear horizontally striped shirts, slim fitted shirts. Regular v neck t-shirts, jackets, and checked trousers will look great on you. Also, unstructured blazers are a must as these do no exaggerate your build on your upper half but will also add bulk to your waist. Wear clothes with small or intricate patterns.

Clothes to avoid
Structured blazers or suit jackets with heavy padding as this will make your upper half look too huge.

Last words…
There is no wrong body. Everyone has a good body. Taking care of your body right in clothes, exercise and anything else will show this. Dress right. Feel confident. Look good and love your body.

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