Sony’s Next-Gen Console: What Do We Know About The PlayStation5

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Sony’s newest console, PlayStation5

I remember growing up in the early 2000s, Hiplife was the jam, Slim Buster was a better dancer than Micheal Jackson and we believed eating watermelon seeds would make them grow in our stomachs. The one thing as a male child (a very stubborn one) I could not do without was visiting the arcade or ‘game center’ after school. A small shack with three PS2 consoles, poor ventilation, and an old woman selling cake slices and sobolo right at the entrance (which had no door). Getting there and you will find your whole class gathered around one PS2 console that looked like its seen better days playing Def Jam, Mortal Kombat, and Pro Evolution Soccer. We worshipped the console back then (and we still do now) to the point we would give up buying our favourite yoghurt just for 5 minutes of thrill with the console.

Sony’s upcoming next-generation console is certainly larger than life. According to Yahoo, the PS5 should be the largest console in Sony’s console collection. It is HUGE. But the million-dollar question here is this: what makes it different?. After all the hype around the PlayStation5 sand over a year of getting leaks and rumors more than official information, what do we know and what makes it worth saving money to buy some. Money that could have been spent on buying that A-Cold-Wall x Converse sneaker or getting tickets to the Shai Hills rock-climbing thing (sorry, these are what Jeremy wants for Christmas, so if Santa Claus is there, borga, y3 wild). Sony has released information on the price, release date, and some of the games we can play on launch.


The PS5 has the internal hardware system that defines ‘next-gen’. Aside from the 15.4” height, 10.24” deep and 4.09 width, the PlayStation 5 is equipped with some mouth-watering hardware that would make Osafo Kantanka want to open a gaming division. The console is powered by a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and a custom AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based GPU that will provide 10.28 teraflops of raw graphical power. It supports 8K video output and 4k images at a 120Hz refresh rate. It has an 825GB SSD of storage. The console has a Wifi 5 port, an Ethernet port, and three USB-A ports. Every single one of that hardware snapped up in a console of that size makes it the ‘primum movens’ of next-generation gaming, the first mover. We are expected to see higher refresh rates meaning smoother graphics (Messi’s free kicks would be a thing of beauty, an art form). This in turn provides developers with progressive systems to work with.


Enough of the technicalities, let’s talk about money. Unless Sony decides to give out free PlayStation5 consoles similar to the way the Akufo-Addo government has given free water to Ghanaians, then some people would have to wait till 2024 to get their hands on the console. According to Sony, there are two editions. The standard edition would retail for $499 which amounts to GHS 2,894.20, and the digital edition, which is without a disk-reader, retails for $399 which is right about GHS 2314.20. Considering the current economic climate, it’s going to be quite difficult for most middle-class income families to order on release


Sony has made it clear that the PS5 would be released in North America on 12th November and released into the rest of the world on the 19th of November. You can pre-order at select online stores and giving the fact that the last opening sold out in minutes, I would cross my fingers on that one.


Sony’s DualShock controller have pretty much looked the same since the PlayStation 2 era but the PS5’s new DualSense controller looks like something The Flash brought back from 2046, the design of the DualSense controller is very striking and futuristic with a duo colour tone layout. The DualSense controller has adaptive triggers that give you better control over game movement. The DualSense has a built-in microphone. It cost just over $69.99 a pop giving you a sizeable bill of GHS 405.94.

Marvel Spider-Man’s design of the DualSense controller


Sony has released a list of six games that would be available on the day of the launch:

Astro’s Playroom

Demon’s Souls

Destruction All Stars

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay

The PlayStation5 is backwards-compatible with 99% of PlayStation4 games. According to Sony PlayStation boss Jim Ryan. This means getting the PS5 doesn’t mean you have to buy new games specifically for it. You can play your PS4 games on the PS5 and with a better refresh rate and graphics

The Next-Gen gaming device drops in two months. Enthusiastic gamers like myself are looking forward to this feat of gaming wonder.

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