8 Common Mistakes People Do When Dressing Up!

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Mistakes when dressing

Adam and his companion Eve started covering up their nakedness on the day rebellion became the best of them. From that day forward, dressing up became a big deal for every human who finds him or herself on the surface of this planet, Earth. Evolution and dressing up walk hand-in-hand with a spying friend in the person of Mr. Time. Undisputedly, we are addressed according to how we dress. Our taste for fashion these days is so out of this world. In spite of all the effort we claim we are putting in to look presentable, yet there are certain ingredients we are missing out to spice up our dressing. These are many reasons why the need for this piece becomes handy to help us avoid mistakes we consciously or unconsciously make every day.

1 Poor selection of colors.

Ecclesiastes is right on this one, there’s indeed time for everything. Have you noticed that the rainbow even obeys this principle of God? You can be as beautiful as a goddess or as handsome as a prince charming but if you poorly select your colors bet me, you will be an object of attraction in a wrongful way. Funnily, Chimpanzees also attract tourists right? The perfect selection of colors makes us glow like the radiant beam. It is high time we accept tuition from experts in the field and learn assiduously. Do not expect to reap where you have not sowed.

You just imagine the shame that will befall you when you dress multi-colors for a church congregation, you will definitely become the topic of that day. Every stare will be rested on you that will undeniably make you feel some sort of uneasiness. In Ghana, Red Carpet as a session of a grand program entitled “Vodafone Ghana Music Awards” in short as (VGMA), on this fateful day, celebrities troop in with their Sunday’s best. We do hear varying responses from them concerning the inspirations behind their outfits, that goes a long way to say, colors predominantly have a role it plays.

2 We copy blindly from others.

Must you always copy someone to feel accepted, this brings on board what we tag us “Inferiority Complex”? Remember, there is no duplicated version of yourself anywhere, that alone shows how uniquely you are made. Conversely, it is okay to emulate someone but before you will that, take the following instructions into careful consideration.

1.Check out the kind of occasion.

2.The time the occasion is coming off

3.Check your skin complexion

4.The venue

To mention but a few of them are the things you should look out for when copying someone.

Nature regulates our world and we must learn to adapt whether we like it or not, there is little we can do hence we must dance to its tune. You can envisage how you will be perceived after you are seen rocking inboxes and singlet in a very rainy season, you might think you are the sexiest guy ever but others will see you as a lunatic, what a small world. An old adage goes like, if you go to Rome do what the Romans do, likewise if the weather changes do the same with your dressing to balance the equation.

3 Overlooking our culture.

None of us can say we were begotten from trees, that is to say, we all belong to a family that finds itself within a community and however, that community has a way of life that has been passed on from generations to generations which are held in high esteem. The way of life of our society somehow coerce us to dress in a certain manner even against our own wishes, do not expect grown-ups to hail you when you shabbily dress and perambulate on the streets of that community. Unforgettably, the first impression always counts so try your best to incorporate the appropriate dressing styles into your routine life and you will be a venerable person.

4 Being ignorant of the occasion.

Have you not heard that ignorance is no excuse? Yes, you have! Do you remember how embarrassing it was for the person who went to the funeral ceremony with pink from head to toe? The grieving family concluded that he or she came all the way to make a mockery of them, though, that was not the person’s intention but he or she could not erase that mess. This piece is not to chastise you on all your mistakes but to bring them to light and give some nuggets of better options to choose from. Next time, try asking about the dressing code if not too sure and avoid being the black sheep at all times. Do not be a stranger in your own land, get to know your culture and dress to suit the needs of your society.

5 The time factor cannot be left out from our checklist.

A stitch in time always saves nine. The time of the day is a determinant of what we wear. Our dietician will advise that we have three square meals within a day, that is to eat breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and supper in the evening in that accord. So is dressing too.

6 Bodily stature also counts.

Primarily, our bodily stature is the foundation of our dressing. Are you skinny, chubby, short, or tall as Goliath? Worry not, because you can still dress to kill if you know your body type. You can see a fitness coach work out some fat away to become the desired shape you yearn for and I can guarantee you that, you will love your new self.

7 Putting the preference of others over yours.

When you stand before your mirror, do you see Peter or Diana also in the mirror? You only see your reflection, on the contrary, it is not to pay heed to the concerns of others but understanding what is best for you solely. Learn to do away with the naysayers and move on with your life. You will forever be what you wear.

Confidence does not come from speaking only but also from appearance. Dressing up well boosts one’s self-confidence and apparently makes you smart. If the small doubting Thomas in you is so curious to know how it feels, then rock on your best and you will give testimonies later in church.

8 Treat your clothes gingerly.

This might sound quite weird but that is the gospel fact. Do not think you can only look nice when you clad in expensive outfits, however, your second- hand clothing can give you that feeling if you wash them thoroughly and press them to iron and go gaga in them, that is what you have so be content with that.

To crown it, Adam and Eve made clothes for themselves when the need arose so you should take advantage of that and try to look your best. Who knows, it can help you win someone’s love, work magic during a job interview, and the likes. I cannot sheet the innumerable benefits you will receive from this dress up. So dress up! Bright up!

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