The Lineage Of Rape Cases And It’s Trademark

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Over the years, abuses have been on the rampant and it is very disheartening when we hear of them in our local newspapers or the victim getting on social media to address her issue. We sometimes pose to ask ourselves questions as to how these indecent acts over these few months have been headlined on most of the media platform either it being rape or women violence. These two in particular play a key part in the abuse cases. Questions are being asked if cases are underreported, or the needed steps have not been put in place or the sanction is less severe, or when the case is reported the needed punishment is not given. Rape is no longer a problem but a pandemic because a huge percent of rapists never go to jail.


The communities are largely blamed because they tend to solve them at home as family issues. They take money, provisions, schnapps, and other stuff as compensation for what the victim did while their children suffer the fate. They are too concern about their ‘so-called family name’ so they treat them as such and the victim goes on punished for that act. Psychological, it confers some form of power to the victim to continue with this deviant act.

Stigmatization on the part of the communities has also lead to these cases been underreported. Tags and fear tend to hinder the victims from opening up on these cases.

The blame falls on the part of the government in carrying out its duties, institutions such as NCCE, DOVSU, CHRAJ, and the others are doing their best in persecutions, public education, girl-child advocacy, etc. Notwithstanding aside, programs are been organized to speak to girls about abuses and the way forward. It is not enough since their hands are tied behind them; they lack the instruments to propagate the gospel all over the country, and it has been restricted to the urban areas.

Are parents blameless? No, how can a parent allow her child under age 16 to out at night for whatsoever program they have, return around 3 midnight and the parent seems unconcerned? However, sometimes is been traced to broken homes; the mother leaves the child with the father, we know there are not too many caretakers, they tend to leave the children due to the scares let by their mother.


In response to these, some men are saying what attracts a man to rape a child is because of how she appears, how she dresses. Really, what will attract a 12-year-old girl to a man?

In conclusion, I would like emphasize that sexual violence poses an obstacle to peace and security. It impedes women from participating in peace and democratic processes and in post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

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