Things The World Took For Granted, This Is Amazing!

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Evan Davis once said “It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Plain everyday things.” I just woke up this morning finding myself in bed thinking about some of the things I had thought to accomplish by the end of the year before this novel coronavirus came to scattered everything. I know this not happening to me alone but the world at large. This pandemic has hit the world for our movements to change for better for worse. But what I will tell you today is, whatever that we are doing we shouldn’t take it for granted. Life teaches us a lot. Here are a few things the world didn’t expect to happen and I don’t think we should take these things for granted again when this pandemic is over.

Traveling the World

As many countries have introduced travel restrictions in an attempt to prevent it’s spread of the novel coronavirus. This is impeding people to go to festivals, meeting their family and friends and so many other things. From the look of things traveling restrictions are not been lifted anytime soon since the numbers keep on increasing without the world getting any cure. It might take us years before we can travel around the world freely without getting infected.

Businesses and Economic Growth

This is the most painful aspect of it all to most businesses since their business started collapsing after the economy of certain countries was hijacked. Upon this, some organizations too started booming during the lockdown since people were restricted not to go out. Most people adopted to use their devices online which got organizations like Netflix, Tiktok, Youtube, and other platforms getting a huge number of people visiting their platform. But on the larger aspect, this novel coronavirus got many organizations declining which has been a negative effect on economic growth. Businesses are now focused on moving their activities online in case something different hits the world because everyone can’t take this for granted anymore.

Freedom and Safety

The panic of the coronavirus has obliged countries all over the world to curtail their citizen’s freedom of movement. To fight the virus, people are not allowed to at gatherings with huge numbers. Our freedom has been restricted by a novel coronavirus ( COVID 19 ). No one had a feeling of this coming to us. As the virus is restricting our freedom it’s also teaching us how to safely protect ourselves in our daily activities. That’s washing our hands regularly, staying physically active by exercising, eating healthy diets, and many more. I believe we ain’t going to stop all these precautionary measures when we get back to normal times.

Shows, Concerts, and Sporting Activities


No more live shows, concerts, and sporting activities. This hits different when attending to it live than to sit on your television. I don’t know about you but I miss shows like Rapperholic, watching a match between Kotoko and Hearts of Oak but we can’t be at these events anytime soon. Who wouldn’t love to have this feeling? The world has fully changed. Is this going to be part of us forever? I guess this is a big NO! People will still take this for granted when life gets back to normal.

Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, and Funerals

Hmmm! This even sounds disgusting. Our loved ones are getting engaged with their soul mates, assigning a name to their newly born baby, and dying but we ain’t getting the opening to be with them during these times. No one thought of this happening. It’s our wish to join our loved ones during these occasions but there is the fear that the virus is still strong which is not giving us that opportunity to be with them.

Education and Work

As part of the measures to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, public places such as schools and offices are closing down to prevent further spread. The closing of schools and offices has helped people to limit their interactions with others. Now that everything seems to be online it has caused so many challenges to our education and work systems. Challenges for both the students and staff since they are now learning to deal with remote learning and communication. COVID 19 led many people to lose their jobs since many organizations are working from home and don’t need many people. Are we going to stick to this when life comes back to normal?

What’s something you took for granted before this coronavirus? Obviously, there are a lot more such as romantic dates, hugs, and more but how are we going to take these things again when the world comes back to normal. We will surely be happy about the things we momentarily lost but until then let’s stay focus on our online activities.

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