This Is The Reason Why You Are Aging Faster, Take Note!

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As humans, even though there is no concrete act that takes us to our graves, there are so many lifestyles we do that sends us to our grave faster than we can imagine. Some of these lifestyles include;

1. Too much sitting

Someone will ask thus too much sitting have any implications on our health, which goes in hand to affect our life span? Yes, of course, when we spent time posing for a more extended period, averagely 2-5 hours without stretching or standing up, it leads to diseases we would not even think of like heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Moving throughout the day can help minimize the risk in case your job informs sitting.

2. Processed food-based diet

The continuous taking of these fast foods goes a long way to affect our health. This food causes obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes due to the high level of unhealthy levels of sugar, sodium, and fat. It affects the performance of the body. 

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3. Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotions or physical tension. It is your body’s reaction to the environment. It can be positive or negative. When we stress ourselves with many things such as work, schooling, marriage, and others, they negatively impact us. These affect our mental health. It can be either chronic or acute, i.e. (short-term stress that goes away quickly). This develops portions of health issues such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression that reduce our life span.


4. Too much alcohol

Drinking too much, as we know, causes many implications on our life not only in the aspect of health but also in our everyday living. It can result in mood swings, memory lapse, etc. The health issues such as heart attack, stroke. 


5. Lack of sleep

Inadequate or not having enough sleep is a silent killer that most of us do not know. Lack of sleep affects the brain since the body does not get the rest needed to repair the body’s worn-out tissues, especially the brain. The average sleep every human being need varies from person depending on that you are comfortable with it, but the minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep is best.

6. Loneliness

Loneliness, one will say what does loneliness has to do with health. Research has shown that lonely people turn to suffer from mental conditions such as depression, cognitive decline.



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