Ways To Revive African Tourism

African Tourism

For the past decades, Tourism has become one of the major funders in the economic sector for most African countries and the continent as a whole. A lot of projects have been instituted, as for jobs which have been created, let’s not waste our time and talk about it.

All the efforts and progress made in the tourism sector is going down the drain, within the twinkle of an eye, many things have been lost from the massive blow of COVID 19. Tourism displays our culture, shows us who we really are. Tourism is a medium used to showcase all and everything Africa is. It needs to be brought back, That’s why the word revived has been introduced.

The word “REVIVE”, is always used to indicate that the subject in question has died off, faded away, has collapsed, has reduced or deteriorated, so there’s a need for it to be brought back to life, back to the system, Revived. Here are some ways which we can use to revive African Tourism.

To begin with, as said by Tim Cordon, area senior vice President for the Radisson Hotel Group’s Middle East and Africa division, ” Recovery really starts with confidence”. If only people will get the confidence plus the courage to move out and still explore despite this pandemic once the dust has settled, Africa’s tourism will bounce back to its formal state, but if we allow fear to seize and cripple us, enveloping us with tight hugs, nothing can be done. People make tourism happen, so if there are no people, what hope does our tourism sector have?

Another way to be considered is through Education. A product cannot be bought, used, or patronised when buyers do not have the slightest idea or knowledge about the importance of the product, what it can do and how it will improve or make an impact or difference in his or her life. There must be public education on tourism, its relevance, and its effect on the continent and individual countries. This will encourage people to go for tours and explore.

There are many wonderful and breathtaking places and tourist sites in Africa which most people do not know. There should be a showcase or advert of these places on the internet, televisions, cast on radio stations, giving out a vivid account of these places, pictures of these places could also be uploaded and shown. This will heighten the desired interest of people to look these places up and learn more about them. Examples of such unknown places include Knysna in South Africa, The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar, Lac Sale in Comoros, and the Table mountain in South Africa.

There must also be a decrease in the expense or cost of international tourism. A decrease will allow more people to move into Africa and tour this wonderful continent. Most people from the European countries have been secret admirers of this continent, most people also would want to clear their thoughts about we being monkeys who live in a jungle. Decreasing the cost will pave way for all this to happen.

All in all, we have to work together to make this happen. Let’s revive African Tourism, make this work, cause there are more treasures hidden in this industry.

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