Why Some Employees Do Not Attract Favours From Their Employers

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One out of ten employees would have probably wondered why they have not gotten any favours from their bosses or gained any access to privileges despite all their efforts.

You may also have wondered why your commitment to the company is still overlooked when your promotion is due.

Well, the reason is, you are lacking the right attitude towards work. You see, to be productive and efficient at your workplace, you need to have simple work ethics at your fingertips.

What Really Is Work Ethics?

Every company must have a set of rules that govern the people because a workplace without rules will result in chaos.

Hence, work ethics can be defined as a set of rules or conduct workers are expected to follow or live by at work. This includes:

  • Punctuality
  • Reliability.
  • Dedication.
  • Discipline.
  • Productivity.
  • Cooperation.
  • Integrity.
  • Responsibility.
  • Professionalism.

These qualities will show your bosses that you have what it takes to handle certain privileges and that you are open for promotion.

Employees should have a strong set of values and show up with a positive attitude, take initiatives, and be a team player.

Employees Use These Tips To Attract Favour From Their Employers


Here are ten tips that can benefit employees at their work

1. Align yourself to his vision

Find out your company’s vision and share the same goals. This will show your boss that you have his interest at heart and can easily delegate responsibilities to you.

2. Have proper communication skills

If you learn how to talk to your colleagues and clients, you will gain approval from your boss. Employers look out for employees that are well vested in communication.

3. Employees give feedbacks

Transparency is key to gain the trust of your boss. You should learn to update and give feedback to your boss as this will allow him to let you handle things in his absence.

4. Master emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient or EQ is a person’s ability to understand and keep their emotions under control such that it does not affect work. It involves communicating properly, overcoming challenges, etc.

5. Exceed exceptional excellence

Write down monthly goals and work towards it. This will keep you focused and proactive. Additionally, you can always set a record by finishing your targets before the set time and move to others.

6. Employees learn to apologize when wrong

When you know you have committed a mistake, be the first to apologize and rectify your mistakes. This will prove to your boss that you love progress and productivity. It will also show that you are mature.

7. Employees should work in teams

Working better with your colleagues will help you in preserving and strengthening relationships. Most importantly you should see it as an opportunity to learn from others and build upon your strength while working on your weaknesses.

8. Be attentive

Wherever your attention goes, your mind gets engaged to it and start processing. If you do not know how to be attentive, you will lose focus and be negligent of your duties. Employers are not interested in workers who are easily distracted and forgetful.

9. Add value to yourself

Every individual should aim to be indispensable to his boss. You can achieve this by dedicating yourself to reading more, obtaining relevant knowledge, acquiring skills, and working on your weaknesses. Additionally, dress properly to work and do not engage in mindless chatters.

10. Respect your boss

Try not to get familiar with your boss and always show respect to your superiors. Submit to their leadership style and learn to take orders without complaining.

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